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New SMSF Establishment

Making your life simple, and free from hassle, when establishing your new SMSF.

SMSF Audits Melbourne

SMSF Auditors

We prepare and deal with SMSF audits, so you don’t have to.

SMSF Trust Deed Amendments Melbourne

Trust Deed Amendments

We make amendments in line with changes to legislation.

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Call Us For A FREE 30 Minute SMSF Appointment With Our Expert Team​


New SMSF Setup

We help you to get your SMSFs rolling while you maintain control over all your investment decisions. From helping you with the rules and regulations, to setting up an smsf, we have you covered.


SMSF Audits (via 3rd party)

An audit is a legal requirement, but our business will not only give you advice on an audit, but do it for you. This is an annual thing, but our clients know they are in safe hands and can benefit from our vast experience.

SMSF Audits Melbourne
SMSF Compliance Melbourne

SMSF Compliance

Self-managed superannuation funds come with various legal requirements, but we stop you falling foul of the laws. Our company is highly experienced, and our compliance service is the best around.


SMSF Accounting

Dealing with your annual accounts is time consuming, and with so many rules attached, it too is stressful. We are not just an accounting company though, as our service is designed to simply make each part of your smsf administration a whole lot easier.

SMSF Accountant
SMSF Management Melbourne

SMSF Management

Do you have the time to correctly manage your financial situation? Helping to control your assets and manage your investments is a huge benefit to you, and our company is here to help.


SMSF Trust Deed Amendments

Making changes to trust deeds to keep the trustees up to date is essential. By making these amendments on your behalf, you get to focus on your money without the legal stress.

SMSF Trust Deed Amendments Melbourne
SMSF Tax Returns Melbourne

SMSF Tax Returns

Nobody enjoys submitting their annual tax returns, and the same applies with your self managed superannuation fund. However, you can leave the tax return for your smsf to us while also knowing all tax laws are being met with your managed funds.


SMSF Investment Strategies

Making the right investment decisions is key to your future, but so is having the right investment experience to make those decisions. We not only help with an investment strategy, but also align your investment ideas with your long-term goals.

Services Include…. New SMSF Setup, SMSF Audits (via 3rd party), SMSF Compliance, SMSF Accounting, SMSF Management, SMSF Trust Deed Amendments, SMSF Tax Returns, SMSF Investment Strategies

SMSF Investment Strategies Melbourne
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Call Us For A FREE 30 Minute SMSF Appointment With Our Expert Team​

The Benefits of Our Self Managed Super Fund Services

Dealing with your self managed super funds can be stressful. It involves being aware of the legislation surrounding a self managed super fund, and then you have the general smsf administration to think of as well.

That all takes time. Dealing with an smsf is not something whereby you can simply set up your investment strategy and then sit back and reap the benefits as you move to retirement.

Instead, investments require administration on an annual basis, and that’s where our range of services come to the fore.

With our administration service, you retain control over your investments, but can do so without all of the legal hassle. We don’t simply give advice to our clients. Instead, we deal with your account, that tax return, accounting concerns regarding your self managed super fund, and then there’s the general smsf administration to think about.

But that’s not all.

You have financial statements to think about. You have the trustees to consider, and then there’s your overall financial future.

So, why not remove all of that stress and use a Melbourne based company that offers all of these services, and more, to their clients?

With us, you receive all this help with your SMSF

Our services keep you on the straight and narrow at all times allowing you to be free from the various restrictions and confines that come with this type of investment or financial product.

Why Choose Us to Help Your Self Managed Super Funds?

But why choose us when it comes to dealing with your self-managed superannuation fund? Well, the answer to that is simple.

We are not only experienced with SMSF, but we are also highly experienced in the financial world in general. Based in Melbourne, we deal with clients all over the country.

We are professional in everything we do, and our professionalism becomes apparent from that initial contact.

Our business is all about helping our clients with their pension. We help you to invest money that will work for you in the future when you are heading into retirement. We were established a number of years ago, and are known for giving that personal touch while adding real value to your investments.

But we do even more than that. We also offer you a free quote on how much we charge in order to deal with your self managed super funds. Contact us today by giving us a phone using the number provided on our website, and learn more about how we can help to manage your asset.

SMSF Management Melbourne

Stop Worrying About Your Self Managed Superannuation Fund

Any financial product can be stressful. Seeking the correct advice from the initial startup all the way through the administration aspect, and even dealing with term deposits is essential.

Using the correct administration service makes a huge difference. It means the trustees only have to worry about listening to the advice being given to them rather than worrying about the various Australian financial laws and making sure that they, and the members, continue to meet those requirements.

Our services are designed in such a way so as they eliminate all of that worry. We are not merely an advice based company. Instead, our services will handle everything from helping you to invest, to carrying out the audit on an annual basis, and keeping an eye on every aspect of the account.

As a result, you are free to enjoy being a member of your smsf and to then reap the rewards of your self managed super funds.

Of course, our advice is tailor-made to suit each member. Our services are flexible so that each trustee feels they are getting the best out of their new financial property.

We believe that this means you get real value from your account, and getting value is a fundamental aspect of investing.

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Call Us For A FREE 30 Minute SMSF Appointment With Our Expert Team​

We are Not a Bank

When you phone us to learn more about what we do, you will quickly realise that this is not like dealing with a bank. We handle your account from an independent basis, and that’s important.

We only have an interest in helping you with your account. We only have an interest in dealing with the yearly audit and helping you achieve your financial goals as a trustee.

Our services are designed to help you with each and every part, and we are proud of the way in which we have helped so many individuals across Melbourne.

SMSF Audits Melbourne

Your Next Move

If you live in Australia, and are considering creating your own SMSF, then what are you waiting for? Your next move should be investing some time in talking to a firm that is not only based in Australia, but is aware of everything connected to running SMSFs in the country.

That firm is us. Your next move needs to be discussing matters with our team of experts. But we are not here to dictate to you what you want to hear.

Instead, we look at your objectives and future plans. We work alongside you to make sure that everything is dealt with correctly, and we do all of this in an easy to follow manner that won’t just go ahead and complicate things for you.

Let’s face it, dealing with anything financial can be tough. We know all about that as our experience in the accounting industry has shown us time and time again how people can struggle.

But those days are now behind you. A brighter financial future for you is within your grasp.

Contact Us Today

You can contact our business by calling on the phone number provided on our website. Our team is waiting for your call, and we cannot wait to tell you more about each and every service we provide.

We have an extensive list of happy clients that are content to leave their smsf administration in our hands. Gone are the days of stressing about dealing with your smsf. Now, you and the trustees can keep control of your situation while getting the best advice around.

So, contact us now to see how we can help.

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Call Us For A FREE 30 Minute SMSF Appointment With Our Expert Team​

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