An Introduction To SMSF – Self Managed Super Fund

Does an SMSF interest you? If so, and you don’t know which direction or investment you’ll take, you might need some help from SMSF accountants Melbourne.

First off, let’s get you acquainted with this exciting fund scheme.

A self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) is a kind of private superannuation fund in which you, as a trustee, are in charge of the day-to-day operations. And in Australia, the trustee of an SMSF can have total discretion over the general direction of the fund. Multiple trustees are possible if the fund is split. By exercising total authority over the fund, the trustees can make wise decisions about its long-term growth and development.

As you go further into this subject, this article provides a few things that you should know about SMSF in general, as below.

SMSF Investment Strategies Melbourne

Managing an SMSF - Risks & Responsibilities

Regardless of their number, every member of an SMSF fund is accountable for making decisions and ensuring that the fund complies with the law. The following risks and responsibilities will arise if you decide to start your SMSF.

The Need for Investment Strategy

The risks, as described above, can be mitigated by employing a well-structured investing strategy. Trustees of an SMSF must adhere to this investment plan and assess it regularly, as mandated by the Australian Taxation Office. Authorities may incur penalties for breaking such a law. To avoid any violation of the law, you might want to consider engaging an SMSF accountants Melbourne to provide the necessary pointers to help you out.

SMSF Investment Plan Guide

It might take a long time to develop an effective SMSF investing plan. This comprehensive step-by-step guide should help you out.


Know first what the law requires

Your SMSF investment plan should take into account the following factors in addition to meeting all other criteria.

To measure the quickness with which you may turn your fund assets into cash, we use the term “liquidity.” Cash flow requirements are also taken into consideration. At least once a year, the strategy document must be reviewed by SMSF accountants Melbourne under the law.


Know the right compromise between risk and return

Your SMSF investment plan should take intThe level of risk varies greatly depending on the investment. The golden rule is, the greater the potential return, the greater the risk involved. This is why it’s critical to grasp the essence of the risk you’re taking. For example, low-risk investing is generally recommended if you’re nearing or have already retired. However, if you still have a few decades remaining in your service, you can take higher risks.o account the following factors in addition to meeting all other criteria.


Invest in diversified options

A substantial volume of money should not be invested into a single investment when making investments in multiple ventures. Even if one of your assets has a bad performance, this method, known as diversification, can help you keep your fund doing well. For a successful investment plan, having a wide variety of investments in your portfolio is highly recommended by industry professionals.


Ensure that you keep enough liquid assets in your portfolio

As defined above, “liquidity” refers to the ease with which an asset or investment can be converted into cash, with cash being the most liquid. Paying audit costs, annual costs, taxes, and bank fees are just a few of the charges you can pay with cash.

Aside from liquid assets, there are also illiquid assets. Real estate is one example of illiquid assets since it will take a long time to sell and give you cash. A vital consideration in your SMSF investing plan is to ensure the fund’s liquid assets are adequate to pay the standard charges.


Be clear on the insurance coverage

The choice of insurance is an important one for your investing plan, and you should think about whether it is included in the fund or not.

If insurance is included in the fund, the below situations can be covered by the SMSF on behalf of its members.

Whichever course of action you choose should be included in your overall investment plan. However, keep in mind that you can’t provide your fund member with any trauma insurance.


Hire an SMSF accounting firm

If you’re not confident in formulating the investment strategy for the fund, it’s best to consult with a reputable SMSF accounting firm for assistance. They can offer you an investing plan template to get you started. With expert advice from their team of SMSF accountants Melbourne, you can be sure that all applicable legal and tax considerations will be taken into account when you plan your investments.


It’s not easy to manage a super fund on your own. You will need help from SMSF accountants Melbourne in ensuring your compliance with the law by conducting yearly audits.

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